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The Book of Psalms 82

1 A Psalm. Of Asaph. God is in the meeting-place of God; he is judging among the gods.
2 How long will you go on judging falsely, having respect for the persons of evil-doers? (Selah.)
3 Give ear to the cause of the poor and the children without fathers; let those who are troubled and in need have their rights.
4 Be the saviour of the poor and those who have nothing: take them out of the hand of the evil-doers.
5 They have no knowledge or sense; they go about in the dark: all the bases of the earth are moved.
6 I said, You are gods; all of you are the sons of the Most High:
7 But you will come to death like men, falling like one of the rulers of the earth.
8 Up! O God, come as judge of the earth; for all the nations are your heritage.

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